11 Blogs To Follow by Naturally Curly Women

11 Blogs To Follow by Naturally Curly Women

Posted by The Oyin Team on Jul 12th 2018

Finding the right products and hair care routine can be a long process and very tiring, with lots of trial and error. Whether you are a longstanding natural or are in the process of transitioning to embrace your natural crowning glory, the search for the perfect product and regimen for your hair can make or ruin your experience. The good thing is product reviews and hair care tips are readily available online! The following blogs are fabulous resources written by amazing women who embrace the beauty of highly textured hair.

Here's our top 11 list of Bloggers To Follow by Naturally Curly Hair Women.

1. NaturallyCurly 

Founder Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber are two curly-haired women who were inspired to start an online community focusing on textured hair. Their community, blog, online products shop, and amazing live events continue to empower, inspire, educate, and entertain the textured-hair community. 

2. CurlyNikki 

Nikki Walton is a Licensed Psychotherapist. Professional Blogger. Best-selling Author. Natural Hair Lover. It became her passion to participate in online forums about textured hair care on and eventually launched her blog in 2008. Her blog aims to create that place of support and build a community, a "curly haven" for all Naturally Glamorous. 

3. Afrobella 

Patrice Grell Yursik is the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, one of the biggest names in the beauty blogging industry. Her blog celebrates the inner and outer beauty of women of all shades. Afrobella is an award-winning blog that has begun as a passion project. Started by reviewing drugstore beauty products, turned into photoshoots, fashion, and Afrobella merchandise. 

4. Curlynugrowth

Take it from an expert, they say. Jocelyn Renee is a Licensed Cosmetologist who's been in the hair industry for 14 years. From Salon Assistant to Natural Hair Blogger to Hair Care Professional just because of her passion and love for textured hair and healthy hair. Her blog aims to educate all men and women to embrace their journey and celebrate the versatility of loss and textured hair.

5. Karen Essentials

Karen Merritt is a wife, a mother of three children, and a lover of natural hair care. She also blogs about skincare and makeup. She renewed her love for this girly stuff when her children grew up. She started researching more about taking care of her natural curls after saying stop to hair relaxing. When her hair thrived through natural hair care ingredients and products, it prompted her to change what she used on her body and even started making DIY soap, body butter, lotions, and green cleaning supplies.

6. MadameNoire

7. Shake your Beauty

Tia Williams is a Bestselling Novelist and Beauty Writer. She was a magazine beauty editor at YM, Elle, Glamour, Lucky, and and created one of the first beauty blog, "Shake your Beauty." Apart from that, she's also the best-selling author of THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA and the IT CHICKS series and co-wrote Iman's THE BEAUTY OF COLOR. Shake your beauty blog is all about beauty, product reviews and more.

8. Just Curly

Sandra is a curl-loving Swiss blogger who embraced her love for curly hairs. Spreading curly love to the world through her blog by sharing her methods on how to care for curly hairs and how to style it.

9. Kinky Curly Coily Me

As Jennel Stewart learned to embraced her natural curls, she started blogging about her journey with natural hair. During her hair journey, she spent time learning what it needs and how to manage it. She blogs about hair care tutorials, product reviews, DIY hair recipes, beauty, and lifestyle.

10. The Kink and I

AB & MeeMee, the duo is dedicated to educating people about healthy hair and natural hair. Their blog speaks about hair product reviews, hair care, and hairstyling.

11. A Love 4 Me

She is a vlogger and blogger of everything about natural hair care, product reviews and fashion. Subscribe to her Youtube account A Love 4 Me