4 Reasons to love the Oyin Grand Poo Bar Shampoo

4 Reasons to love the Oyin Grand Poo Bar Shampoo

Published by The Oyin Team on Jun 26th 2018

Organic shampoo bars are the best option if you wanted to ditch harsh detergent based liquid shampoos which can strip moisture from scalp and hair instead of literally taking care of your crowning glory.

Good thing we have the Oyin Grand Poo Bar! A non-detergent, sulfate-free, enriched gentle cleanser, it's infused with moisturizing oils and butters like castor, shea, and cocoa.

Here are the reasons why you should start loving this Oyin Shampoo Bar:

1. It produces a wonderfully gentle lather

2. It's a good value for money because it lasts longer than your liquid shampoo. 

3. It's easy and practical to use

4. It travels like a dream: no liquids to check, and no spills to worry about! 

How to wash your hair with Oyins Grand Poo Bar. 

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