Care for your hair with Ginger Mint Co-Wash

Care for your hair with Ginger Mint Co-Wash

Posted by The Oyin Team on Jul 5th 2018

Co-washing is another term for "conditioner only washing" means skipping shampoo. The perfect co-wash products to use are those that are silicone free and paraben free products, with natural and organic ingredients.

Why some people co-wash? Shampoo can strip off hair nutrients when used every day, and sometimes will make your hair feel drier and unmanageable. Co-washing allows natural oils to cleanse and condition the hair and scalp. Since it conditions the hair it can be a lot easier to style. Achieve those perfect hair goals you want with co-washing. It is recommended to co-wash your hair two to three times a week.

Ginger Mint co-wash has been the hair holy grail hair care for most women! The pure extracts of ginger and peppermint stimulate your scalp, and green tea extract provides an astringent and antioxidant boost. It detangles, softens, and removes product buildup while conditioning and detangling as well.

As per Karen's essential this product is a game changer. Check her full review to read more.

"I Absolutely love this product! The scent is light and refreshing the ginger and mint are a nice combination one doesn’t overpower the other. I don’t normally like minty smelling products ... Read More

It's perfect to use with OMG and Hair Dew. 

Read the full review of Madamenoire

"If you’re always looking for ways to add and maintain moisture, be sure to check out the Ginger Mint Co-Wash and the Oh My Glide pre styling detangler. I know I’ll be adding them...Read More

Here's a video review of Ginger Mint Co-Wash by A Love 4 Me.