Funk Butter: Reviews that Matter

Funk Butter: Reviews that Matter

Published by The Oyin Team on Jul 3rd 2018

As part of our blog review series, we are bringing forth the Funk Butter review collection from 2011 up to date. This amazing product never fails to amaze numerous people who love to use a chemical free deodorant, then and now.

All these reviews tell it all. Check out our list of reviews why Funk Butter spreads nothing but goodness and awesomeness:

1. Nothing but beautiful feedback from

"Simply Clean Solid. Powder Fresh Roll On. Funk Butter. In a world where deodorants' names are meant to bring Read More...

2. Here's what The Strategist had to say in this blog from 2017. 

"Finally, about seven years ago — probably through Google — I ran across an all-natural product called Funk Butter which is the closest thing Read more...

3. It's on the top list of Natural Deodorants that really works! 

"And though I nervously checked for odor throughout the day, it miraculously never came — not even after my entire workday, and not even Read more...

4. And again on the list of Best Natural Deodorants by Blissful Miss

"Only a pea size amount of Oyin Handmade Funk Butter goes a long way toward both odor control Read more...

5. Here's a review from 2011 which proves that Funk Butter rocks even before.

"The product is blended smooth, and is not gritty at all. I have not encountered any skin irritation, though Read more...

6. Funk butter Youtube review by PowerInYourCurl Channel. Watch her thoughts about the product: 

7. Mentioned as one of Kristen Howerton favorite. Watch her Vlog below: 

8. Here's a throwback review by HappyNappyKinks from 2013. 

9. Why we can't forget this review from 2011? Because Funk Butter works MAGIC! 

Convinced enough to purchase your first Funk Butter? Purchase your way to Funk free awesomeness, by clicking You've got the funk, we've got the butter.

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