Get juicy this summer with The Juices!

Get juicy this summer with The Juices!

Posted by The Oyin Team on Aug 2nd 2018

It's summertime! You wanted to enjoy the sunny season but curly hair and humidity seem not meant for each other. Spending too much time outdoor can damage your hair and can even cause your hair to grow dry, weak and brittle. It is an utmost requirement to have a proper hair care routine during this season to keep your hair well moisturized and hydrated.

Shield those natural curls against the hot weather and refresh your hair from scalp to strand with Oyins Juices. It does not just end dry hair dilemmas but it also encourages hair growth, detangles and moisturizes hair, and it's ultimately nutritious to the scalp. 

We already mentioned reviews about our juices on our previous blog :


And we are adding more reviews on our list! 

Juices and Berries

Juices&Berries has a juicy, fruity scent that will make your mouth water but never linger too long. 

Check Kendra Adams from hair care routine. 

"I instantly fell in love with their herbal tonic, Juices and Berries. My hair usually scoffs at liquid leave-in sprays Read more...

For extreme moisture and condition also use Oyins Conditioning Care Package consist of 8oz ginger mint co-wash.8oz , oh my glide! detangling spray.8oz hair dew leave- in lotion.,4oz shine & define styling serum then maintain the moisture by spraying your hair with Juices & Berries. 

We love this 9 day moisture vlog by PowerInYourCurl

Greg Juice

Greg Juice is scented with essential oils and has a light citrus/herbal scent.

Here's Mixed Ego review about the product.

"I adore the fact that they added in “love” as an ingredient, showing that the brand creators want to do more Read more... 

Braid out your hair on summer with Greg Juice along with Honey WashHoney Hemp Conditioner,Hair Dew ,BoingShine and Define, Whipped Pudding and Burnt Sugar Pomade.

See how Bubs Bee made an awesome braid out style from our awesome products. 

Frank Juice

Frank Juice is enhanced with the fragrance of Frankincense & Myrrh. 

Check OkayAfrica Review: 

"The tonic is extremely lightweight and felt immediately refreshing when applied to my scalp. It manages to feel hydrating without leaving behind Read more...