Keep your Curls & Coils happy with Boing

Keep your Curls & Coils happy with Boing

Posted by The Oyin Team on Jul 18th 2018

Our all-in-one Coil Styler Boing is a perfect solution for defined, hydrated coils and curls - the secret?


It's also present in many other Oyin products like  Candy Bar ~ Honey Stick ~ Stick o' Joe ~ Whipped Pudding ~ Belly Bar ~Whipped Shea ~ Shine & Define ~ Funk Butter

Boing has many key benefits for hair such as: 

  • Encourages curls and coils, and moisturizes in one easy step
  • Creates uniform, bouncy coils and curls, enhance highly textured patterns
  • It prevents hair from drying out cause it acts as a sealant to keep moisture in the hair and increase softness
  • It additionally keeps your hair from breakage, the high unsaturated fat substance of shea butter makes it simpler to enter through your hair in an oil form. It reduces dryness and prevents split ends, leaving your hair shiny and frizz free.
  • This boing key ingredient shea butter helps shield hair from heat damages caused by flat irons and blow drying, thus it's a great start before styling your hair. Perfect for a curly, coil out, twisted and braided hairstyle.

Let see what these awesome ladies say about Boing and how they make every coil count!

Twist out Style

Check out 4C Hair Chick styling tips and review with Boing.

"Boing! smells like wet dough, ice cold Fiji water (???), and fruit of some sort. Or flowers maybe? Huh? It’s such a light, unassuming smell that won’t linger... Read more

Here's CharyJay video on how to apply and twist out style using Boing.

Coil out Style

See how BeautyLuvFashion styled her hair with Boing.

Feels great on bouncy Curls

Here's a demo from Kinksgalore.

Works well with type 4 Thin/Fine Natural Hair

See MissBeeline hairstyle tutorial using Boing.