manifest a healthy winter glow

manifest a healthy winter glow

Posted by the oyin team on Jan 25th 2023


   Whipped Shea Butter

Pro Tips for Winter Skincare

Keeping your skin moisturized is key in the wintertime as cold, dry air can strip and stress our skin.    Follow these pro tips to keep things supple even as the temps drop!

Try LCO - this method is not just for hair!

  • Apply moisture right after bathing (the Liquid here is water!)
  • Layer by applying a Cream/lotion immediately, while skin is still damp.
  • Level up by following with an Oil or body butter. The oil layer will help delay moisture loss from your skin, just as it can do in your hair.

Build a supportive anti-ash environment ;o)

  • Avoid long hot showers. Hot water can be drying to your skin, so try to keep your showers short and warm.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is important for healthy skin, especially during the winter months. Make sure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Use a humidifier. Heating systems can dry out the air in your home, which can dry out your skin. Invest in a humidifier to help add much-needed moisture back into the air.

keep your skin supple, nourished, & glowing, year round

Honey Water
Honey Water ~ oil-free hydrating body mist

our lightest weight solution is perfect for summer. get your glow on w/honey and aloe! this body mist is refreshing and light. "i am in love with the fragrance of this product. i want to smell like this 24/7. it feels fantastic on the skin and my hair was also a fan." - Ronnie

No Ash at All
NoAshAtAll ~ cocoa butter lotion

velvety and non-greasy, a year-round healing lotion with cocoa butter and allantoin. perfect for hands, body, bath, and on the go. "I love, love, love this cocoa butter lotion! Leaves my skin soft, moisturized and smelling great! I will need to reorder soon, my family found it and fell in love also!" - Tamika
After Bath
After Bath ~luxurious blended body oil

rich, smooth, and perfectly nourishing, this is the body oil of your dreams. unscented - add your own fragrance oil or enjoy the purity! "I use this body oil right after I get out of the shower and it is a DREAM. It helps especially on my knees/elbows/ankles to keep my skin looking moisturized and glowing." - Anna
Whipped Pudding

Whipped Pudding ~ rich natural moisture cream

our shea and aloe rich creme is a head - to - toe dream! a nourishing body butter melts into skin for a soft, glowing finish. gentle cocoa fragrance. "Super moisturizing without being greasy. Light cocoa scent and long lasting. I put this on right after I shower." - Taj

Whipped Shea Butter

whipped shea butter: the cool weather winner!

blended with nourishing oils of avocado, rice bran, jojoba, and black cumin seed, our whipped shea is the better butter, great for head to toe.

Try in 2 scents or unscented!