Snack Bar walkthrough - how to use the snack bar minis!

Snack Bar walkthrough - how to use the snack bar minis!

Feb 20th 2018

How do I use the Snack Bar?

Oyin Sample Packs are a great way to become acquainted with our products and the way they work together, without committing to the full sized packages. The 8-piece “Snack Bar” sampler contains generously sized 2-ounce bottles of some of our bestselling products: Honey Hemp Conditioner, Greg Juice leave-in spray, Hair Dew Creamy leave-in, and Honey Wash Head-to-Toe Cleanser in original honey fragrance, as well as 1-ounce mini jars of Shine & Define coaxing serum, Burnt Sugar pomade, Whipped Pudding Dense Cream, and boing! all-in-one coil styler. Oyin Handmade Snack Bar

The Snack Bar is also TSA-friendly, wonderful for traveling, and great as a gift to introduce a friend or loved one to the world of Oyin!

So, you've ordered online or come into the Baltimore Boutique & Salon, you've purchased the Snack Bar, and you've gotten it home. At that point, most people are wondering, “Now What?” Well, we’ve listed the products below, categorized by the stage in which you’d use it. Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize, Style, or Seal/Protect - so you can be on your way to honeylicious hair!


HONEY WASH This organic castille-based formula has lots of honey to smooth, hydrate, and soften hair and skin.  It is also further enriched with mild and moisturizing aloe vera, antioxidant green tea extract, and skin & hair loving plant oils.

HOW TO USE: Shake well to blend natural ingredients and apply liberally to wet hair. Work up a mild lather (Honey wash is a natural cleanser that doesn't contain detergent lathering agents, so expect a clean, moisturizing wash without huge amounts of suds.) Repeat if needed. Rinse clean, and proceed to the next step! 


HONEY HEMP Honey, hemp oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, and liquid silk come together to make this succulent detangling conditioner. Ultra-moisturizing with serious detangling power, this condish rinses clean, leaving nothing but softness behind. 

HOW TO USE: Slather on. Hum a tune, Detangle, using a wide tooth comb or fingers. Rinse and enjoy your hair! 


HAIR DEW This lightweight, quenching leave-in lotion moisturizes hair without buildup. Nourishing castor, olive, and coconut oils combine with aloe vera and pure water to form a non-greasy, creamy leave-in that’s light enough for every day. It’s great on ‘naked’ hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle. Aaaahhh!

HOW TO USE: Apply to dry, damp, or wet hair to provide a moisture boost. Great under an oil-based sealer like our Burnt Sugar. Enjoy your awesomeness!

GREG JUICE This herbal leave-in tonic spray is super lightweight, and full of humectants that help hair hold onto moisture. Use after washing, or between washes to refresh and tone hair and scalp. This tea-based humectant tonic comes in three delicious scents.

We start with a tea of herbs known to help condition & stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth; vegetable ingredients for detangling, moisture and suppleness; and an essential oil blend nutritious to the scalp. It's excellent for a daily pick-me-up on braids or twists; and it keeps locs weightlessly moisturized without a trace of buildup.

HOW TO USE: Shake well and spray on dry or damp hair to ease detangling, use a quick spritz to moisturize thirsty locks, twists, or braids, or mist on to refresh "2nd day" coils & curls.  In dry weather, spray hair before taking a shower to help thirsty strands drink in the moisture.


SHINE & DEFINE Looking for WOW factor? Oyin’s Shine & Define imparts soft hold, great shine, and gentle definition that is light, greaseless, & non-drying!

HOW TO USE: Comb or finger-rake through wet hair to reduce frizz & define your beautiful texture. Smooth onto damp edges & set with a scarf for a sleek hairline. Use when twisting or setting hair for a soft, long-lasting finish and a banging twistout! Use over a bit of Hair Dew leave-in, or follow with Whipped Pudding for extra softness; or Burnt Sugar to seal and add shine. Rock on!

BOING! Boing! encourages every coil, cuts down on frizz, and packs in the conditioning moisture to keep your hair supple.

HOW TO USE: Work a small to medium amount of boing! through clean, damp or wet hair from root to tip.  Finger style gently & allow to air dry, or use a warm or cool dryer w/ diffuser to hurry things along.  You could also apply while twisting wet or damp hair, and gently remove twists once hair is completely dry.


BURNT SUGAR Does your hair love oils? Oyin’s Sugar Pomades hit the ‘sweet spot’ with a nourishing, all-veggie formula for sealing, styling, & smelling delish!

HOW TO USE: Soften/liquify between fingers/palms, use to moisturize scalp, twist locs, seal ends, polish a pulled-back style, fight flyaways, control frizz, or create waves on short cuts! If beads occur in this natural product, melt in microwave & cool in the fridge. Shine on!

WHIPPED PUDDING Whole body moisture! This rich, dense, velvety smooth cream is shea butter based, with organic aloe vera gel and pure spring water for lightness & penetration.

HOW TO USE: Adds moisture & pliability to hair from scalp to ends as a creamy hairdressing, styling pomade, or deep conditioning treatment; keeps hair supple for days at a time. Excellent as a twisting creme. Melts into skin leaving a velvety, pampered softness behind. Good for the whole family – as versatile as you are. Get creative!

Is there something in the Snack Bar you’ve already tried, or know you can't use? You can try our smaller 5-piece Snack Pack or choose your own individual minis online or in our Boutique!

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