Why Honey? #IngredientsMatter

Why Honey? #IngredientsMatter

Feb 16th 2018

What's our Mixtress's Fave Ingredient? Honey!

Oyin means honey! Find our why it's one of our favorite ingredients for natural, moisture-focused hair and skin care. It can be found in Oyin Handmade's first products and is the secret to helping you maintain supple skin, soft lips, and hydrated hair.  (See our Whipped Pudding, Honeystick Lip Balm, and Honey Hemp Conditioner.) Honey also contains natural hydrogen peroxide making it a cleansing aid, which is why we used it in our gentle head-to-toe cleanser, Honey Wash

See what Jamyla had to say in this feature on Essence.com, "Covet This Sweet and Sticky Ingredient For Your Best Winter Hair":

"Honey is one of nature's most versatile beauty products because of its nourishing qualities and soothing effect on skin and hair.  Honey promotes healing and moisture and it's a natural humectant (preserves moisture) and a natural antimicrobial.

"It is an incredible hair conditioner; the nutrients give hair shine without weighing it down," adds Bennu.  "Honey is also great as a shampoo booster, as it strengthens hair follicles for healthy hair growth, and as a bath soak to help repair skin and protect it against environmental damage."

In short, honey is one of the best things in the world, and we have it in some of our top-selling products, ready to nourish your hair and skin.  

Get some honey in your life with some of these delicious products! And don't forget to check out Honey Wash for a gentle, honeylicious, head-to-toe cleanse!

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