AfterBath Eco Bundle

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You've got to try this oil! It's super moisturizing and light. My soft skin drinks it up without feeling greasy or sticky. As ashy as I can get, I'm seriously awed something lighter than white people lotion is so effective. Perfect for my heels & feet!

Jacqueline Myers

Feels great, moisturizes my skin without being greasy and heavy.


This after bath oil does what it says, and gives what it's supposed to. My skin was moisturized but not too oil, soft and look and felt better in general. However, I don't like that it is unscented to me it smells like a fresh sharpened pencil which is not appealing. I would still recommend and I still use but I use additional oils on top or body spray to add smell and cover up the pencil smell.
OYIN please give us scented options :)

Angela Cummings

I was surprised at how much I like after bath. It's unscented and I LOVE scents. BUT, I love the way this oil blends into my skin especially after getting out of the shower. After using it a week, I already noticed my skin being smooth and less ashy, even when I don't use it. I've used up the sample. Getting ready to order a grown lady bottle now!


I got the after bath sample and LOVE IT! It goes on smooth and generously without me looking like I've been dipped in silicone. LOL! It feels natural going on. I do miss a lil fragrance but that's ok. I just us my Frank Juice as a hair AND body spray. LOLOL. I will continue to get after bath!