Simple Soap ~ rich castile soap

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sometimes in life, you just want a little clarity. this pure liquid soap is made from organic oils, and contains, aloe vera to soothe and balance. the mild, bright citrus scent comes from pure essential oils. let simple soap wash away your cares as it cleanses your skin gently and naturally. there's enough in this life to think about... your soap should be simple! :o)


how to use

lather up on your favorite bath puff or loofah... enjoy feeling so fresh and so clean. follow with our NoAshAtAll body lotion or AfterBath blended body oil for luxuriously skin soft.

pH level: 7 (neutral)




Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, organic orange oil, organic guar gum, natural essential oils, organic aloe, rosemary extract preservative, and love! <3


Reviews (2)

Jess Jan 16th 2017

Simple Soap

I LOVE this soap. I'm about to purchase more (several to be exact!). It's so gentle and lightly scented. My skin seems to love it. I'm transitioning to natural products, so I've been experimenting and so far this soap is a winner!

Jul 22nd 2016

Love this!

The soap is lightly scented which is perfect for me. This is my new bathroom staple!

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