It's time to "Brush With The Best!!"

Developed and created by natural hair expert and Los Angeles native Felicia Leatherwood, the Detangler Brush caters specifically to the needs of women with highly textured & natural hair.

Widely spaced flexi-bristles glide easily through hair without breaking or damaging your hair strands. This allows for the brush to gently release knots and move with your hair without pain or discomfort. The wide handle is perfect for both beginners and pros and provides a comfortable, sturdy grip while using the brush. Perfect for natural curls or waves, this brush prevents abrupt hair pulling or breaking strands and aids in preventing excess hair loss or hair shedding.

This brush works with any and all hair types! From curly, to kinky curly, and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair, this brush will work easily with and adapt to any hair type.

To achieve the best results we recommend you use the brush during conditioning treatments.

Try in the shower with detangling classic honey hemp conditioner, or with our new oh my glide prestyling detangler!

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I was getting unhappy with my natural hair until I found this brush. I was losing so much hair with detangling before, even with my Denman. I have found my HOLY GRAIL!!

love this brush

this brush is the best thing ever!! it is so much better than an denman and it does not break my hair. I have tried all types of brushes to detangle my hair and they all just seem to break or pull my hair out. This is even better than my detangling comb I use. I am so glad I purchased this!!! I will be ordering one for my daughter.