Honey Water is a perfect choice for those who don't like heavy oils, butters, or lotions on their skin but who want to join us in the QUEST against ASH! It's an oil-free concoction which drenches your skin in pure hydration, encouraging it to glisten and gleam while remaining light and airy. It's kind of got to be experienced to be believed. It's perfect for the summer months and warmer climates! So refreshing :o) 


  • Simple Hydration
  • Light and airy moisture
  • Perfect for the summer months and warmer climates! So refreshing!
  • pH level: 7 (neutral)


Ingredients: Filtered water, organic aloe vera juice, pure honey, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit seed extract, polysorbate 20, fragrance, and love!



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Holy Grail

Tam on Nov 3rd 2018

I’m not sure why this is marketed for body. It’s seriously the holy grail for keeping my hair moisturized during the week and it smells amazing!!!!!!!! Love this stuff!!!

Not just for your body!

Adia on Sep 11th 2018

Having locs... I love a daily hair refresher to combat dryness via water and very light oil...and this is that! Oyin, I'm telling you, ya'll need to market this as both a body spray and a daily hair refresher. It smells wonderful and the smell lasted on my hair for 2 days! However, I might have sprayed too much because it ended up being a little intense, so next time I'll use it modestly. LOVE IT!

Honey Water Review

Kathleen M Erwin on Aug 22nd 2018

I bought the Black Cedar Fig scent and while I love the product, the scent was way to masculine for me so I gave it to my son. My daughter has the regular scent which we both love and use. I highly recommend it.

For my middle school son

Like Hae on Sep 22nd 2017

My son likes to use it. His sister wants one too. I bought for him because he doesn't like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Instead of putting on lotion and can just spritz on the hydrating body mist.

Body mist? Whatever. This is for hair.

tangela on Jun 27th 2016

I'm not a fan of glycerin for daily use, but I use this to refresh my wash and go. I moisten my hair with plain water, spray on Honey Water, and apply a little Whipped Pudding for a triple layer of moisture. I seal in all that goodness with a little Burnt Sugar Pomade. If I ever meet him, I'm pretty sure the Cookie Monster will try to eat my hair.