Oyin Minis: Start Small for Big Results

Oyin Minis: Start Small for Big Results

Feb 20th 2018

Start small for big results.

We have a lot of great product options, so it may be a little overwhelming to determine where to start. That's why we're making it easy for you! With Oyin newbies, we always recommend starting small with our minis.

Our generously sized 2-ounce bottles and 1-oz jars offer an ideal way to become acquainted with our products without committing to the full-sizes. There are 2 great benefits for you: 

  1. It's so easy to experiment and find the products that you love the most! 
  2. You'll save money and space on any that aren't your faves! #teamreducecounterclutter

The minis are also TSA-friendly, wonderful for traveling, and great as gifts to introduce a friend or loved one to the world of Oyin!

You can purchase minis individually, or we also have a few pre-packaged options that you're sure to love! Our Snack Packs and Snack Bar are great ways to become acquainted with our top-selling products in hair and body care and to see how they work together to produce honeylicious results.

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