Honey Hemp is a STAR for swimmers!

Honey Hemp is a STAR for swimmers!

Published by the oyin team on Jun 28th 2017

It's Summer and that means school is out, vacations are planned, backyard bar-b-ques have begun and most importantly...fun in the pool!! 

BUT! before you take a leap in the watery abyss... check out these FIVE tips to keep your hair healthy while you're swimming!

#1 - PURCHASE A SWIM CAP - be sure your cap fits well (snug but not too tight) you want to keep your tresses protected against the salt water or chlorine!

#2 - Before entering the pool - wet your hair and apply your favorite conditioner (our favorite is Honey Hemp - but Hair Dew is great here, too). Saturating your hair with fresh water and/or conditioner effectively pre-dilutes the effects of the chlorine or drying saltwater. 

#3 - Tie your hair in a bun or a few braids to keep your tresses free from tangles! No one wants to fight their hair after a swim. 

#4 - After swimming, use a clarifying and moisturizing shampoo! Try our Grand Poo Bar for a gentle but thorough clean. Bonus: it travels like a dream!

#5 - Hydrate & Seal - After you shampoo, apply a water based moisturizer (Hair dew time!) to your hair and lock in the moisture with a butter or oil (like our Sugar Pomades)!

Please note this information is for the whole family: guys and babies need hair care protection too! We hope these tips are helpful and everyone has an amazing Summer experience! 


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