Kinky, Coily, Curly, and Wavy textures.


Oh, Honey. It's a natural humectant... nature's gift for glowing, supple hair. Ah, Hemp Oil. With an incredibly rich array of Fatty Acids to ensure well-nourished tresses. Oh! Ah! Oyin's Honey-Hemp Conditioner! How could it possibly be improved? Perhaps by adding just the smallest touch of Silk Protein and a generous dollop of Aloe Vera Gel... just to take the succulence over the top. ;o)

This product is preserved with a paraben-free wide-spectrum cosmetic preservative. pH level: 4


Ingredients: purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol (emulsifier derived from colza oil), honey, virgin hemp oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolized silk, citrus essences, fragrance, optiphen (preservative)... and LOVE! ;o)



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Absolutely perfect

Incredible smell, melts tangles, and doesn't leave any residue! Perfect!!


This conditioner is worth every penny ! I actually don't rinse it out . It has replaced all my leave ins. Me and hemp oil have a very great relationship (I use it on my skin to) so I wasn't surprised at how soft, manageable, and moisturized my hair was after using this product. It smells great and I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with dryness !

Oh my god

I wasn't sure how well this would work with my hair but, oh my god after using it I was amazed. It's soft on my hair and it smells soooo good. Shout out to Tabria Majors for putting me on to this brand lol.


It's truly crazy how soft my hair is after using and while using this product, I used to really like deva curls conditioner but this knocks it right out of the park

Excellent conditioner!

I've used this conditioner for about 2 years now and my hair seems to be doing very well with it. The scent is fairly mild and does indeed smell like honey to me :) I use about a cotton ball-sized amount on 1/4 of my hair when conditioning. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized!

The Best Ever!!

I have never used a conditioner which could get through my tangles and coils like this conditioner. It is amazing! Everyone should try this no matter what hair type or porosity they have. It's truly great.

My hair LOVES this

I have used this as a regular-degular conditioner and it's great, but recently I used it as a deep conditioner and my hair has never felt so soft. I have a problem with my hair tangling as soon as it hits the air post-wash and this product cuts down on that a great deal. I was in the shower a few extra minutes marveling at how much my hair loved this conditioner. And I really like the way it smelled. I try other products and they don't measure up. Please don't ever leave me! lol

Love love love love love it!!!!!!

I cowashed my hair then I rinsed and added the honey hemp conditioner it felt like my hair was melting in a good way!!! Lol my hair was super duper soft....