This Whipped Pudding testimonial made our week!

This Whipped Pudding testimonial made our week!

Oct 31st 2018

Major gratitude and love to longtime Oyin Honey, Shondriette K., who found our Whipped Pudding shea/aloe cream helpful for the dry skin she experienced during her chemo treatment. Look at her glow! We are thankful to Bustle for this inspiring and helpful story, and to all the women who shared some of the beauty products that helped them feel better during their treatment. Keep fighting!



"Now at 41, Kelley receives monthly injections of Zoladex and takes Tamoxifen daily. She also visits her oncologist every three months, and can now say, "So far, so good" when asked if she's still in remission. While she was going through her journey, Kelley notes that severe dry skin was one of the side effects she experienced during chemo, but she was able to find relief by using Oyin Handmade's Whipped Pudding — a thick, shea butter-based hair and body cream that keeps the dry skin at bay.".

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Thank you Shondriette!