Top Reviews About Whipped Pudding

Top Reviews About Whipped Pudding

Posted by The Oyin Team on Sep 12th 2018

Looking for soft, supple hair and skin? Battling winter dryness on elbows, knees or heels? Want to protect your ends against breakage and cold-weather stressS? Oyin Whipped Pudding has your back. This all in one shea and aloe product has truly awesome benefits for both skin and hair. 

Oyin Whipped Pudding shea and aloe cream has a delicious name and a yummy cocoa smell as well. This classic cream was voted as the  "Best Product for Twists and Braids" in's 2009 'best of the best' survey. The cream melts into skin, leaving a velvety softness behind. It's also perfect to protect hands and face before braving harsh weather. 

Want to know more about this head to toe wonder-product? Read on for some in-depth reviews!

Reviews round-up: Whipped Pudding!

1. Alice in Nappyland

"The texture is exquisite, it’s dense, spreads and adsorbs easily, without being extremely heavy. Great for fine hair or someone... Read more

2. Quest for the Curl


"As for using it on the body…yummm…absorbs into the skin very well and isn’t greasy at all!!! You’ll walk around all day smelling like chocolate cake...Read more


"Oyin’s whipped pudding provides just the right amount of nourishment without being heavy or greasy. The wonderful thing about this product is ... Read more

4. Tambamlife 

"The twists held up nicely and the product is definitely moisturizing - with water and shea being its leading ingredients. It kept my twists soft and... Read more