Whipped Pudding ~ rich natural moisture cream

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Kristyl Tift
Satisfied, as always!

I have been buying my hair products from Oyin Handmade for at least 6 years now. The herbal spray (love Greg Juice and Juices and Berries, especially) is the only leave-in that keeps my hair soft. I love to do my styling with the whipped pudding or the pomade after moisturizing with the spray. I literally don't know how I would manage my hair (or my niece's hair) without Oyin Handmade.

Awesome Styler and Moisturizer

Excellent styler for moisturized twist outs and braid outs.


I have been on the search for a to go body moisturizer and for some reason its be so difficult - until I found the whipped pudding. This product smells good, had a great texture and is super moisturizing. My skin felt soft immediately and continued to feel that way. Highly recommend!


I like the whipped pudding, however I would say that it feel thin as you massage it into your hand. Once on skin it does feel like it will moisturize.


Whipped pudding works great for my hair and skin, but on the container it says it should be 16oz. When I received mine it felt a little light so I weighed it and it was actually only 14oz including the container so the actual product quantity is much less… skimming off the top? Watch out for this.

Thanks so much for your review, Sam! The whipped pudding is filled by volume, not weight - that's why the container is marked with 'fl oz / ml' rather than saying 'net weight'. We use a 16 oz container and a volumetric filling machine to make sure the containers ship with the stated volume of product. But because the products have different densities/molecular weights, the weight of 16 fluid oz of whipped pudding will be different than the weight of 16 fl oz of greg juice, or Boing!, or water. We hope that clears things up! :)