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2oz Mini: Hair Dew

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Darlyn Dyson

Hair dew is a great leave-in. I love how it moisturized my hair and made it so soft. Can’t wait to purchase it in a full-size.

Janice V

After reading reviews and Sherae Delsol on YouTube i decided to give it a whirl. Hair dew and pomade are my favorites. I have no regrets with any of the listed products. After a year of trying, trashing, giving away & watching money go down the drain. I am happy. The dew and pomade smells amazing and does the job of moisturizing and sealing. I wear super short cut and im good for the week. Mist daily with the berries leave in conditioner, love love the results. I have found my one stop hair brand. Will be purchasing full size everything. Thank you Oyin and the Oyin team.

Cheryl Heffner

Happy curls are moisturized curls, and this keeps my curls happy. The tiny bottle means it fits in my purse, pool bag or carry-on for that little kick my hair might need through the day. That it smells wonderful is an added plus. Love it!

Leeza Brown

I have 4a thin fine hair and I always have to find products that dint weight my hair down. Oyin hair dew was suggested by a YouTube blogger I follow, and the recommendation was on point. This product is now a staple in my regimen.


I used this product for a twist out, when braiding my hair (in combo with the burnt sugar pomade), and refreshing my hair in general when more moisture was needed. It works great for my 4C hair.